Freedom Foundation’s Tales of Tyranny features local Whatcom County resident “Joe Remenar’s” Pond Story

Last April 2013, SML posted the story and featured Joe Remenar’s story on our live KGMI 790 program.  Glen Morgan and I visited with Joe at his property on H Street Road in Blaine, WA. to see for ourselves the marvelous improvements Joe had done to his level four wetlands, by creating a pond and native plants that raised Joe’s back yard into a natural level one wetlands habitat.  The Remenar’s are not the only one’s enjoying Joe’s efforts.  There are a lot of wetland fowl, amphibian’s, mammals and birds of prey which regularly stop by to enjoy the area.

Last week I called Joe to ask if he had received any resolution to the enforcement action that Whatcom County Planning had taken against him because of the improvements that were done on Joe’s property.  Sadly, Joe shared that he has not heard anything from Whatcom County Planning, or anyone from Whatcom County government, so that Joe and his wife can close the chapter on this sad, unwelcoming action taken on the Remenar’s.  Did I forget to mention that Joe and his wife actually chose to retire to Whatcom County and came here from the east coast, expecting that sleepy little Whatcom County was a friendly place to spend their golden years?  Oh, yeah…they still love Whatcom County, but they’re not sure if they’ll stay here.

~ Kris Halterman

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about Joe Remenar, a former special agent who had retired from the Department of Justice where he’d worked in drug interdiction. After retiring, he purchased a small property and home not far from the Canadian border in Whatcom County.  Joe’s Story

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