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Fans and Friends Come to Say “Thank You for being Patti”

Patti Brooks took Whatcom County and KGMI by storm.  She brought a feisty, fearless attitude to speak the truth for conservative, constitutionally principled values.  “The Morning Show with Patti Brooks,” will be greatly missed as our Monday through Friday start your day with Patti.  A few personal and radio friends came together at Glynn’s Irish Pub to say thank you to Patti and let her know that she made a difference in their lives.

I first met Patti through the Whatcom Tea Party event at the Mt. Baker Theater and feel fortunate to call her a friend.  In addition to this evenings event, I’ve included a little historical video of Patti at the April 15th, 2010, Taxed Enough Already (TEA) rally on the Guide Meridian, in Bellingham, Washington.

~ Kris Halterman


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  1. There was so much excitement, tinged with regret in the air last night as we waited for Patti to come through the doors. And then she was there, almost speechless as she looked around and saw many of her friends, listeners of her show and people she had never met before who came to thank her and wish her well in whatever she does next. Through a few tears, lots of hugs and laughter and love we celebrated Patti. It was wonderful to be there and share all the”Good Will” with everyone. Patti will greatly missed but the she will find a new outlet……………..Thank you so much Patti from a friend and listener.

    Karen Brown

  2. If you read this Patti, I miss you so much on the radio. It was never better when you went solo, you were the best KGMI ever had. I hope things are well with you, I wonder about you often.

    Dirty White Boy

  3. Patti……..I gave up on KGMI when you left……….Capt BOB

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