Who Will Pay and How Much? The Democrats are In Control of Olympia and Poised to Pass a “Gree-Tax” Against Carbon Emissions

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Host Kris Halterman will interview Todd Meyer, Director, Center for the Environment (tmyers@washingtonpolicy.org) for the Washington Policy Center, on Governor Inslee’s proposed Carbon Tax. With the balance of the state senate controlled by the Democrat Party, this carbon bill is quickly moving through the gears of Olympia. The tax proposal will be attached to a lot of necessary, everyday expenses. If passed, how will this new tax roll-out? What will it be attached to? What is the goal of this new tax? Is it legal? And, who will pay for it?

Washington’s Carbon Tax Will Cost $530 Per Household In 2029

By TODD MYERS  |  BLOG, Feb 5, 2018

Last week, the Senate Energy, Environment and Technology Committee passed its version of a carbon tax, noting it was still “a work in progress.” Including numerous exemptions for industry, the burden of the tax falls primarily on households and commercial businesses in Washington state. The tax begins at $10 per metric ton (MT) of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent that includes other greenhouse gases like methane), increasing to $30 per MT by 2029.

So, how much will this cost and who will pay for it?

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