Port of Bellingham Candidates Talk About Vision – Growth – Jobs

Kris Halterman, host of Saturday Morning Live invited the four candidates running for the Port of Bellingham to share their thoughts and visions on the future for the Port.

The focus of the program is to talk about their vision for the Port of Bellingham, issues that the Port is currently struggling with, and the Port’s accomplishments. The conversation will not be an opportunity for stump speeches or Q&A from the host to the candidates. Rather as an opportunity for each of them to share their thoughts about the Port of Bellingham and their vision for the future of Bellingham and Whatcom County Port activity.

This is a unique opportunity to talk to the voters in an informal setting with no timers on how much time each candidate can speak.

At this time candidates Dan Robbins and Ken Bell have confirmed to be here. Candidates Barry Wenger and Michael Shepard have both declined due to family obligations.

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