Common Sense Alliance vs. San Juan County … headed to the Supreme Court

Host Kris Halterman will interview Ed Kilduff about the pending lawsuit to restore property rights and uphold the Supreme Courts recent decision that the government cannot require action by a property owner that affects the value of the property and their ability to use it, without a direct nexus between the action being required and its relation to the property.

Pacific Legal FoundationThis week Pacific Legal Foundation filed this petition in the Supreme Court of the United States, asking it to decide whether the government can make shoreline property owners give up part of their land to serve as water quality buffers for the surrounding community. This case,Common Sense Alliance v. San Juan County, deals with a perennial problem that property owners face. Government jurisdictions require permits to develop property, and use that authority as leverage to take property which they would otherwise have to pay for. The Supreme Court has aptly described this as an “out-and-out plan of extortion.

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