The People vs. The Media – A Battle for America

Guest Host Jim McKinney will be discuss with Brett Bonner, of Saturna Capital (former KGMI new and media host) and Al Korelin, a natioally syndicated radio host whose focus is on the economy and politics, on tomorrow’s SML program at 8:00 AM.


Topic de jure will be:

  • The news media and insights on their the impact to our communities.
  • Evolution – From print papers, to radio, TV, Cable, Internet, and now social media.
  • Impact – How does it influence and direct our lives?
  • Advertising – Do dollars ($$$) drive news content?
  • Selective news – Catering to a specific clientele.
  • Professional journalism versus profit motives.

Can local media (Herald, KGMI etc…) survive Facebook and media monopolies?KER: Korelin Economics Report

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