Dr. Carson’s 43 sec. solution for Health Care

Dr. Ben Carson, in 43 seconds was able to succinctly say to the world, what we need to put “care” back in the word, “health care.”  I found this transcript of his words at the Rush Limbaugh website.  It seems that the mainstream media is ignoring something that would truly fix health care.  Please be suer to go to the C-SPAN video clip of Dr. Carson’s full speech.  It’s worth the time and with more policy such as Dr. Carson’s, we’d solve a lot of problems in short order.

“Are you listening Mr. President?  Are you listening Congressman Boehner?  Are you listening Senator Reid?  If  all politicians had this much common sense in their little finger, We the Peoplewould solve the economic needs of our Country.”

Dr. Carson on taxes; “What we need to do is come up with something simple. And when I pick up my Bible, you know what I see? I see the fairest individual in the universe, God, and he’s given us a system. It’s called a tithe.”We don’t necessarily have to do 10% but it’s the principle. He didn’t say if your crops fail, don’t give me any tithe or if you have a bumper crop, give me triple tithe. So there must be something inherently fair about proportionality. You make $10 billion, you put in a billion. You make $10 you put in one. Of course you’ve got to get rid of the loopholes. Some people say, ‘Well that’s not fair because it doesn’t hurt the guy who made $10 billion as much as the guy who made 10.’ Where does it say you’ve got to hurt the guy? He just put a billion dollars in the pot. We don’t need to hurt him. It’s that kind of thinking that has resulted in 602 banks in the Cayman Islands. That money needs to be back here building our infrastructure and creating jobs.”

 Dr. Carson on Health Care; “Here’s my solution: When a person is born, give him a birth certificate, an electronic medical record, and a health savings account to which money can be contributed—pretax—from the time you’re born ’til the time you die. If you die, you can pass it on to your family members, and there’s nobody talking about death panels. We can make contributions for people who are indigent. Instead of sending all this money to some bureaucracy, let’s put it in their HSAs. Now they have some control over their own health care. And very quickly they’re going to learn how to be responsible.”

(Speech given at the Presidential Prayer Meeting, today, Feb. 7th 2013, by Dr. Ben Carson)

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