Dear Whatcom County Council…

Ken_Mann_FBHere we are tonight…the purveyors of paranoia as some have recently said.

Is it paranoid to think that the industries at Cherry Point are at risk?

The soon to be finalized Whatcom County Comp Plan is the plan for which the residents and businesses of this County should be able to rely upon.

The letter sent to WC Planning about inserting a moratorium on exporting fossil fuels and future growth at Cherry Point is a cause for great concern to thousands of families and hundreds of businesses.

Ken_Mann_FB3When 25% of the tax base comes from the current industries at Cherry Point, and much more when you factor in the hundreds of businesses and people who work at or derive their economic stability from these industries…I hope and trust that these things will not be ignored.

The comp plan update needs to include Cherry Point industrial zoning and growth, as well as many other items if you are to do your due diligence for the entire community.

The comp plan update must include:

  • Proper planning for land growth to keep housing affordable
  • Proper planning for resource lands such as farming, manufacturing, mineral extraction, forestry, and industry is an important factor too.

Whatcom County suffers from a lack of affordable housing, yet we continue to fail to plan for sustainable levels of growth in Bellingham and Whatcom County.

Ken_Mann_FB2Whatcom County has and continues to lose a lot of good paying jobs as CH2M Hill closed their doors (120 living wage jobs gone), Alcoa is downsizing and looks to shut down (465 living wage jobs at risk), Haggen’s corporate jobs are in jeopardy (approx. 500 living wage jobs at risk), and recent downsizing of Faithlife (48 living wage jobs gone) here too.

As the Council is aware, Whatcom County has more than 4 times the amount of park land than any other county in Washington State.

Why wouldn’t the people who work here be concerned?

The purveyors of paranoia are justified in their concern…and I ask, no trust that you will look out for the people who are not comfortable coming before you to speak, beg, ask, or demand that you plan for Whatcom County, a future that includes them too.

What does the future of Whatcom County look like? Will it be Cherry Point Park? Will it be Cherry Point Heritage Preserve? Or, will be preserve the economic engine of Whatcom County, Cherry Point Industries?

Dear Whatcom County Council are you listening?

~ Kris Halterman

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  1. The socialists of Whatcom County government are not just gunning for Big business shut down they are also after anything that moves counter to their personal beliefs.
    My small pile driving and dock building business on Lake Whatcom is getting hammered by these goons.
    Yes we have excellent legal resources but the financial drain is incredible as is the relentless merry go round that occurs with not results.
    Shorelines has made it clear they do not want any development on the lakes and they don’t care if the established homeowners with docks cannot get support.
    They are just going to systematically shut us down. All of us.

    Only then can we pay our taxes and live justly in their perfect AmeriKa

    • Tracy…I grew up on Lake Whatcom and know exactly what you are going through. My family enjoyed the blessings of living on Lake Whatcom, getting up in the morning to swim, fish, ski, or paddle, row, and the many wonderful activities that are enjoyed on Lake Whatcom. About 20 years ago the County Gestapo began to make life difficult for those who live on Lake Whatcom and keep their property maintained. About 10 years ago my brother worked for 3 years to get the family property subdivided in the hopes of putting a small home on the new parcel and care for our parents next door. We were able to get the property subdivided, after the County Planning pressured them to give up valuable easements that ran with the property. Long story – short, my brother realized that to actually get a home built on the new parcel would probably use up his life, so he abandoned that idea. The dock had needed new pilings long ago, but the cost and time to get that done was beyond the mental strength of my parents and their adult children advised that they sell the family home. I’ve since learned that the brave person who bought that gorgeous property has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to take care of it in a responsible manner. To fix all of what ills this County and Bellingham, we need to support District voting in the County, return Ward voting to the City of Bellingham, and clean house from both of these legislative bodies who’s support of the current anti-business, anti-single family home, anti-industry agendas, is taking Whatcom County back to the dark days of the 1970’s.
      ~ Kris Halterman

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