Dairy Farmers to Request Help from Conservation District to Pay Lummi Tribe – $150k

Update on today’s story

Gerald Baron has requested some corrections and clarifications to this posting, so I have posted this with Mr. Baron’s approval:

  • The grant request to the Whatcom Conservation District board meeting tonight, comes from the Lummi Indian Business Council
  • The grant request amount is for $150,000.00, not $180,000.00
  • The grant request will be used to fulfill a portion of the remaining $539,700.00 from the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), signed on Jan. 6th, 2017, for the purpose to establish a Portage Bay Recovery Fund, as a joint effort to raise additional funds from mostly public sources, to compensate shellfish harvesters harmed by the closures, and to aid in recovering shellfish beds
  • None of the $150,000.00 will be paid to the original 7 Farmers who signed the MOA

Request of the grant funds to come from this state program:

2016 Shellfish Map – State of Washington

Conservation District Board Members will be asked Thursday evening, Jan. 12th to vote in favor of the Conservation District giving the 7 Farmers who signed the Agreement with the Lummi Tribe, a GRANT of $150,000.00 to help pay for the $450,000.00 GOOD FAITH payment due the Lummi Tribe upon signing the agreement.  Taxpaying citizens of Whatcom County and Washington State that is our money, is this how you want our money to be used?

Tax payers didn’t have anything to say about this private agreement, but now public money is being asked for so does this now open up all information to the public?  Will the public be able to speak and invited to view all the upcoming testing?

This is just the start, the next payment of $150,000.00 is due 30 days after the Jan. 6, 2017 signing date. Next, is the $539,700.00 payment that anyone else who joins the agreement will have to pay, and no one knows if there will be additional payments demanded, because all of this surrounds the extent, duration, and continuation of future shellfish bed closures. Who is watching and making the determination of these added payments?

If you question these 7 dairy farms request of tax payer money to fulfill their Memorandum of Agreement; call, write, and better yet, go to tonight’s meeting and personally share your opinion to the Conservation District Board. This is your tax dollars being given away to the Lummi Tribe for an extortion payment of, Pay-to-Play.

This news just became public yesterday…and yes this is short notice for the public…the meeting is tonight, Thursday evening, Jan 12, at 6:30 PM.

Meeting will be held at:

  • Whatcom Conservation District Office
  • 6975 Hannegan Rd., Lynden, WA 98264.
  • 360-526-2381/ 360-354-4678 fax

Karen Brown

Agenda for tonight’s Meeting which is open to the PUBLIC.

REGULAR MEETING   Thursday, January 12, 2017

  • 6:30        Call to Order       Larry Helm
  • 6:30        Agenda Overview, Changes, Approval
  • 6:33        PUBLIC COMMENT (verbal/written)
  • 7:00        Minutes of December 20, 2016 meeting  Monthly Financial Report  Monthly Account Payments Report  Approval of Employee Step Increase
  • 7:05        Whatcom Land Trust –    Invitation for Board to provide Input on WLT strategic plan guiding future activities
  • New Item – Request for Conservation District grant of funds for payment to Lummi Indian Business Council, for MOA between Dairy Farms and Lummi Tribe
  • 7:20        Dairy Nutrient Management Plans (Approval /Certification)         George Boggs
  • 7:25        CREP Maintenance Reimbursement Agreement Approvals          George Boggs
  • 7:30       Long Range Program – Approve following public comment          George Boggs
  • 7:45        Adjust Compensation for Resource Coordinator & IT/GIS Specialist          George Boggs
  • 8:00       WCD/WSCC/ECY MOU Agreement


  • 8:30        Natural Resources Conservation Service, Alex Hall Info
  • 8:40        Supervisors
  • 9:00        Executive Director, George Boggs
  • 9:30        ADJOURN

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