County Executive Administration Seeks Council Approval to Pocket $1.5M in Conservation Futures Fund for Parks Improvement Fund

Last Saturday I co-hosted on KGMI’s, Wealth Wake-up Live, to interview Whatcom County Councilwoman, Barbara Brenner. We discussed the $1.5M borrowed from the Counties, Conservation Futures Fund, to purchase the Lily Pt. property for a Whatcom County Park. The County received State of Washington grant funds to help facilitate this purchase and were directed to return the State’s portion back into the Counties Conservation Futures fund after receipt of the State grant money. That did not happen!

We get the government we vote for, but did we bargain for this? Listen to the podcast and let the Council know your thoughts about whether they should approve the Executive office request to retain the $1.5M in the Parks Improvement Fund.

~ Lorraine Newman

Jan-26 Interview w/Brenner

SML Podcast for Jan 26th, 2013 program:

Audio clip of discussion between Council members Crawford and Kremen on $1.5M of Conservation Futures Funds misappropriated to County Parks Maintenance Funds.:

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