Councilmember At-large, Rud Browne, Files Candidacy for W.C. District No. 1

As Whatcom County Gears Up for 2017 General Elections; Councilmember At-large, Rud Browne, Files his Candidacy for Whatcom County District 1


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Bellingham, WA—Whatcom County Council Member Rud Browne announced today that he will be a candidate for re-election this year, and will file the official paperwork to run for Council District #1 in the newly-reconfigured Council landscape. Browne currently serves in an at-large seat.

“As a 22 year resident of the new District One, I am happy to be redistricted alongside so many who share my values, environmental commitment, and desire for Whatcom County to generate more jobs for our citizens,” he said. “I’m running from the area which supported me in large numbers in my last election, which makes it even more rewarding.”

Browne, finishing his first term in public office, has been a proud progressive vote, and the leading advocate for broader Council roles in economic development. “Our great educational institutions produce some of the brightest and boldest educated new work force, yet all too often our graduates are unable to find a decent job here and are forced to move elsewhere to build their careers. The future of our community will be shaped by our ability to retain this talented generation.”

Browne is also deeply concerned about the rising cost of housing and has recently taken on a key role in seeking an innovative resolution to the recent Supreme Court decision which has said there is not enough water year round to support additional rural housing development. He believes that if this issue is not addressed that we will see a further significant increase in housing prices in Bellingham and across the county. He also has been focused on how Whatcom County’s economic development dollars have been spent and believes that a different approach will improve the area’s job market.

In his first term Browne has made it a goal to learn by visiting County employees on the job – from riding with EMS teams and Sheriff’s deputies to in-depth briefings at the 911 call center, the Jail and Work center, Public Works, Health, Planning and Development departments. He has also met with 100’s of constituents across the county to be better able to represent their needs and learn their perspective on a wide variety of important issues such as our approach to criminal justice and replacement of our jail.

As an award-winning successful business entrepreneur, Browne built the first business in the world focused on the reuse and recycling of mobile computers which previously had been thrown away. As the former employer of hundreds of tech-savvy employees, Browne ran an environmentally-sustainable, environment-protecting operation that fueled local families with good jobs and salaries that the region should be a natural to attract.

“This job is a remarkable challenge, the best education a person could ask for, and never a dull moment with quick-changing situations, unexpected policy-twists, heart-wrenching constituency complaints, and the gift of having to meet so many great county citizens. However, the next four years likely will have more challenges than the last four in this new era of federal meddling in our environment, the same underfunded state budget status and our own area’s need for more jobs plus affordable housing. I look forward to defending, improving and finding new ways to improve our community’s quality of life,” Browne said.

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