Competence and Character – essential elements for good leadership

It’s hard not to seem hyper-partisan and hyper-critical when criticizing the Obama Administration about the Benghazi situation. It’s a dangerous world out there, and we know these things happen. But the real test is how our government deals with it. And as Bill Whittle points out, our government did a terrible job of dealing with it. The travesty is that this entire affair was swept under the rug by the media and an administration that didn’t want to face the consequences of a crisis at a crucial point in the election cycle.

It takes guts and integrity to do the responsible thing for the country, instead of a cover-up and misdirection for political expediency. Some may argue that it was better for the country for Barack Obama to be re-elected, and this cover-up was justified (the end justifies the means?) Sorry, I’m just not buying it. The administration could have, and should have done much better by the people depending on them in Benghazi, and better by the American people as well. I was in high school during the Watergate scandal, and I can tell you, this is worse. Much worse.

~ Karl Uppiano

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