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In the coming months we will bring a number of articles, videos and personalities to the SML Education Contributor’s page, and the SML radio program.  There is a lot to read and understand about Common Core, when it comes to such a radical change in public education.

I voted for the Washington State Charter School amendment.  The reason I voted for Charter Schools is that I believe in choices and autonomy for public, private and homeschool education, that is driven by the local community and elected officials who are accountable to the voters.  As I understand the Charter School Initiative, its goal is to allow communities to have more choices in what curriculum is used and how it is delivered.  Common Core and its close cousins, do not appear to achieve that ideal.

That said, let’s start with a small clip taken from an article published by Evan Queitsch, in The Examiner March 27, 2013:

Meanwhile, Eli Broad’s education connections rise to power in states (Lillian Lowery is Broad Superintendents Academy graduate and Jack Markell has attended Broad workshops) and even in the federal government (Arne Duncan is a Broad Academy graduate and often a feature speaker for new Academy classes) and “Race to the Top” is born using the exact educational process that Broad has taught based on Coleman’s platform. Suddenly, thanks to the Stimulus Package and this new Race to the Top program, billions of taxpayer dollars now join the hundreds of millions of dollars from the progressive elites, corporations and education reformers in implementing Common Core Standards. Race to the Top, developed based on Broad guidelines, includes direct provisions for testing standards (data collection), curriculum standards, Charter School support, teacher evaluations and improvement of Title 1 schools first.

For decades, no centuries, we understood that there is a lot to gain from pooling our resources and offering public education to the masses.  A well-educated populace is capable of holding a large seat at the table to lead state, national and global trends.  Common Core is being launched around the nation and it’s being packaged under different titles.  You will see it talked about in your community as; Common Core, CSCOPE, IB, International Baccalaureate and possibly others I have not mentioned here.  The outcome is the same.  Think global.  Act local.  Redistributive education geared towards social, environmental and educational equality through a system that claims to distribute justice to the collective through reorganized thinking programs which teach towards outcomes.  The outcomes are decided upon by whom?  The family?  The local school board who are elected by the local voters?  Or, is it decided by the Statists?  The most egregious fact about CCSS/CSCOPE is that the curriculum has been developed behind closed doors; it has not been vetted by public opinion or studied on a small scale to see if this radically new form of teaching will lead to a capable system to voluntarily model in other locations.  From everything I have read and heard, data will be collected and shared throughout your child’s pre K-20 education, providing schools (and anyone they share this information with) predictive modeling information.  Some would call this data-mining on a national/global scale, but is this an acceptable practice for any government agency, let alone our Federal Government?

It is important that education does not divide a country, or to elucidate jealousy and envy.  But, rather to exemplify that there is a reason, top down, centralized government (rulers, dictators, czars, kings, queens, emperors, et al) created very little progress in human society.  In fact, it was the purveyance of misery for most ancient civilizations, and many present nations.  The Founding Fathers understood that a well educated populace would be responsible for itself, in fact they would relish the opportunity to do so.  They knew that their European cousins had facilitated a great ruse upon the people, by convincing them that they belonged to their Country as a resource, a slave to their Country.  The royals, or elites, had access to learning through books and educators.  An advantage achieved because they had the ability to own property for their own benefit and secure their well being.  The Founders believed, that given the opportunity to own and accumulate property, all citizens would be inspired to work longer, harder and take the risks of entrepreneurship that previously would have been unheard of.  Even when ancient explorers from past centuries were paid to search out new property, it was always to be placed into the hands of the few chosen families who ruled large sectors of civilized nations.  When large segments of property were owned (whether that property was held in land or people) by a few top rulers, there was always a war being waged somewhere, as the elite’s had few emotional ties to the people.  So, it was with great forethought that the Founding Fathers adopted this goal; that an individual who is educated and capable of working for, developing and having the rights to their property, would be far less eager to enter into war without great provocation.  What brilliant men they were.  They had suffered through one continuous war after another, and they understood that there must be a better way.  If people were educated and given the ability to naturally provide for themselves, it would guard against nations warring amongst one another.  If you doubt this thought, ask yourself this; Have any of the past wars been brought upon from Countries whose citizens are protected by a Constitution? Have any past wars been started by a Country that protects the individual from their government and adheres to the inalienable rights of the individual through the innate understanding of natural law?  They understood that if a nation were to follow these natural laws, it should always give mankind their inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of property.

Back to Common Core.  Since all the local school districts are implementing Common Core to their curriculum, it is important that you take a few moments of your time to learn as much as you can about Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  Take the time to learn, compare and give feedback to your school district if you find that it separates from the foundations of what the United States of America was based on.  Do not take my word for it.  Research Common Core (CCSS) and come to your own conclusions.  Do you think that mega-banks and multi-national corporations are a bad idea because they crush small business and individual entrepreneurship?  Do you think that a bigger government imposing more laws and regulations to protect you from cradle to grave, is a recipe for disaster?  Then a fully standardized education, where all local control of public education is gone and the multitude of local incubators of thoughts and ideas  are controlled by a centralized conglomerate of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), is way too-big-to-fail.

~ Kris Halterman

Please take a moment to watch these videos and check-out the links provided here:

  • The first video originates from The Blaze; featuring Glen Beck interviewing Stan Hartzeller, veteran teacher of 38 years (retired because of CSCOPE) and Mary Bowen, elementary school teacher.  Their discussion is targeted at CSCOPE (Common Core by another name).
  • The second excellent video comes from www.utahnsagainstcommoncore.com; and gives insight from local legislators, educators and parents on why they are working to pass legislation to ban Common Core (and anything like it) from Utah’s public schools.  If that’s not enough to convince you; then click on the following links to “The Invisible Serfs Collar” or Michelle Malkin’s web/blog titled; “Rotten to the Core: Conservatives spearhead drive at RNC meeting to stop Common Core.”
  • And, not to slight the other side of an opinion, here is a link to a NY Times article that besmirches the thought that Common Core (standardized education) could be anything but good for a nation and the world.
  • You’ll find a link to the watch Ginni Thomas’ of “The Daily Caller,”  indepth interview with Will Estrada of the Home School Legal Defense Association, here.

The Blaze; Glen Beck interviews Teachers speaking out against CSCOPE:

YouTube video of Utahan’s Against Common Core:

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  1. Hi, Kris!

    I’ve had a teaching certificate since 1979, earned a MA-Ed in 1992, and have taught pre-K to post-12, in public and private schools; I’ve worked with homeschoolers as the administrator of Zacchaeus Learning Opportunities since 1994, and I also teach mathematics at WCC.

    As a mathematics instructor, I have to say my eyes just rolled when I realized the Common Core Curriculum is pushing first-year, high school algebra down into the 7th grade. Seventh graders are supposed to accomplish the first half, 8th graders the second half. Most 7th graders aren’t anywhere near cognitively ready for algebra, a subject we usually put in front of 9th grade students. Some 9th graders aren’t ready, either. My job at the community college teaching this level of math (considered remedial at the adult level) and picking up the pieces of failed learning will be guaranteed until I die, if I want. I don’t want, because the folks pushing Common Core are pushing another educational reform onto the colleges, just as nonsensical. That’s another discussion.

    Why can’t we just establish levels of learning? As in “You’re a level 6 reader” and “After successfully completing algebra geometry is next.” It’s because we’re on an industrial-manufacturing-conveyor-belt model of doing education. People aren’t machines! We need to use a customer-service model instead. “What do you need? How can we get you to level 7?”

    I have a really simple educational reform: You get 8 years of education, take it when you’re ready.

    •We could dismiss the kids who need some serious behavior management. The mission of schools needs to be education. We will absolutely give these people an education, when they’re ready to be in a classroom. This includes sending home the middle schooler who is ‘too cool for school’. Come back when you’re ready!

    •We could start kids when they’re ready to learn, instead of spending taxpayer dollars on pre-school, trying to cause young brains to be ready to learn. Cognitive development is like learning to walk. It happens when God says it will happen. We don’t need to create failures before they’re ready to succeed. If we start them later, ALL of them later, it will take less time to accomplish the task, and fewer taxpayer dollars.

    •We could slow down the late-bloomers, cut their course load in half, and give them time to digest what they’re learning.

    •If a student shows up to college, having never used a dime of taxpayer money for schooling, passes entrance and placement exams, we SHOULD give them a college education, right through to their doctorate.

    This WILL have a cascade of other little reforms, one of which would be to get MORE people to college level. But NONE of them should cost taxpayers anything. It WILL reduce the cost of doing school, because schools will be schools and not daycares and jails.

    I’m curious to hear your response.

    Thanks – Molly Crocker

    • Well Molly, we definitely have similar goals. I have long believed that before anyone enters public school they should first have to pass a test that shows they’re ready to participate in a classroom setting. The purpose of this would be to have less crowd control and more learning happening in the classroom. Secondly, I know that there are many special needs that are not being met and quite possibly cannot be met in a public school setting. The purpose of mainstreaming children was to assure that each child could reach their maximum potential and not to limit them due to their handicap(s). As we bankrupt the public school system with Common Core and IB, I do not know how we can effectively accomplish either. Added to these additional expense the laudable, yet unproven results of mainstreaming in the classroom; it seems no one is capable of saying stop! There has to be a better way and with today’s technology the public should demand it.

      The processes being used in both curricula seem to be directed to outcomes and training children to think in a certain direction. Whether they get the answer correct is no longer the goal, it is to rewire how our children think! Common Core and International Baccalaureate should scare everyone and I didn’t even get to all of the data-collection that happens with both of these curricula.

      Thank you for contacting me and please feel free to share any of your knowledge. There will be more programming on this topic as we’re working to add more connectivity and potentially some podcasts to the website. It all takes time and as of now its all being done by volunteers.

      Take Care and Thanks Again ~ Kris Halterman

  2. Teach kids HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

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