Common Core has replaced Local Control and Local Voices in Public Education

2014-03-30_1238One of the outcomes of Common Core has been to silence teachers who speak out against it.  Common Core has been federally adopted and  has silenced the voices of parents and teachers.  It is parents and  teachers role to advocate for the success of our children as it relates to the curriculm taught in our schools.  We need these voices to insure that we meet the needs of the children in our local communities.

Is Common Core a good thing?  Or, is Common Core another step towards manipulating children to all look, think and act alike?  Kind of scary isn’t it?  Is it reminiscent of a future where we all live in idyllic communities such as that portrayed in the movie; “The Stepford Wives?”  Why would a nation built on rugged individualism strive to develop “Stepford Children,” or “Stepford Employees?”

The YouTube video below, exemplifies the dangers of this national standardized curriculum called “Common Core.”  What will the future of education and the children who’s lives will forever be impacted by it, be?  Please take a moment to watch this video and talk to your child’s teacher.

Rugged individualism – noun 1. individualism in social and economic affairs; belief not only in personal liberty and self-reliance but also in free competition

individualism – a belief in the importance of the individual and the virtue of self-reliance and personal independence.

~ Kris Halterman

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