Coal Terminals and the Enconomy

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Coal Terminals and the Economy; by Lorraine Newman

This morning as I was listening to the economic news I suddenly realized that the very people who are opposing the Coal Terminal have made it economically necessary to build a coal terminal.

For the last 30 years this group of individuals has brought one single issue to the voting booth: Environmentalism. They have been very successful in their single issue advocacy. Their mantra became environmental disaster is around the corner. Their solutions were government spending on experiments in windmills, solar panels, ethanol, and electric cars and creating restrictions on land and water use. Much money has been spent and many rules made under the heading of protecting the environment.

Our government is now in debt. Although we have cleaned up some old environmental problems we have no real environmental breakthroughs to show from our governmental spending. The heavy restrictions placed on the private sector have cost jobs and therefore tax dollars (revenue). These failed programs have contributed to our debt, but more than that single issues take the eyes of the voting populace off the ball of the economy.

The result is our government has a $16 Trillion debt of which a large chunk is owed to the Chinese. American coal will be shipped from west coast coal terminals because we are beholden to China for so much money that our government cannot choose any other course.

The environmental groups can take some solace, the coal we will sell to China burns cleaner than their own coal does. Robust exporting will keep the price of coal higher then natural gas so we will continue to convert to this energy source at home. As a result of these purely economic factors, here in the United States we will have significantly lower CO2 emissions. I am sure this will not placate them in their view of an environmental utopia, but it is the best they will get in the economic situation they helped to create.

~ Lorraine Newman

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