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City of Bellingham seeks New Revenue. Budget Forecast Paints a Council Desperate to Continue to Spend Your Money for What?

Thanks to Roger for sending the full PowerPoint, City of Bellingham Budget Forecast, presentation given to the Bellingham City Council, Committee of the Whole. It’s is enlightening to note the desperate financial situation that Bellingham finds itself and how willing they are to find additional ways to separate the people and businesses from their money to continue funding their agenda.

If the City’s financial agenda is failing, then shouldn’t they do something different? They’ve been promoting a business environment that has local businesses packing up and leaving Bellingham, and deters new businesses from coming here. Look at their own projections and understand that the leadership in Bellingham have placed the community in a very dark place, economically. Do we need more Sharrows? Or, do we need leadership which understands that it’s business which creates the economic vibrancy we seek, so we can pay for and support the clean, safe, and affordable place we call home.

COB 2016 Budget Presentation







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  1. Interesting to relook at these figures as the baby furniture warehouse leaves our community for cheaper transportation costs in California of all places. What has Bellingham done to address transportation of goods in and out of our community. Interesting to relook at these figures and hear that Bellingham is against wood products being shipped from our ports. What has Bellingham done to encourage any business to locate here? Just how do the elected officials of Bellingham think they will reverse these downward trends without a taxable base of businesses?

    • madeleine baines

      Since Bellingham is becoming increasingly reliant on retirees to stump up ever increasing property taxes to fund the city’s never ending appetite for all things green, they need to be mindful that retirees are on a fixed income for the remainder of their days, and are thus less able to spend on anything more than basics. This is a short sighted policy, and the city council would do well to encourage business to relocate and stay here in Whatcom county . Current policies are a road to depression not prosperity.

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