Chuckanut Metropolitan Park District holds Executive Session with City of Bellingham to acquire more property???

From the local Whatcom Watchdog, the Chuckanut Community Metropolitan Park District (CCMPD) is working in private, executive sessions to discuss the acquisition of additional private properties to be placed into permanent conservation easement? Wasn’t the sole purpose of the CCMPD to tax and payoff the Chuckanut Forest, then to disband themselves and pass on into the sunset like a bad dream?

This posting in the Whatcom Watchdog contains a link to the email which shows there’s more shenanigans happening with the CCMPD and the City of Bellingham which will be affecting all of us as they remove ever more properties from private to public, or as I like to say an asset to a liability of the public.

~ Kris Halterman

Property acquisition?

whatcom watchdog


The Commissioners have started being very specific in their language to explain why they are conducting meetings in executive session.  It is likely they have be questioned about their ability to conduct all their meetings about the inter local agreement with the COB in executive session.   From the latest email we are now informed  that they are discussing  “acquisition of property from the City of Bellingham in the form of a conservation easement”  Why should this be so top secret?  Isn’t this what the district was set up to do?
Personally, I think the District owes it to it’s citizens to conduct their business more openly.  We are in fact paying for the “conservation easement”.  We, the citizens in the district, should get to know what we are paying for before we start writing checks.

Property Acquisition Email

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