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Charter Review Commissioner Questions Council’s Ethical Accountability to the People

Whatcom County Council 2015To continue our coverage on the Whatcom County Council’s attempt to muddy and confuse the voters, keep their urban-command and control of all Whatcom County by district wide voting, KGMI’s host for “The Morning Show,” Dillon Honcoop interviewed Charter Review Commissioner, Farmer Ben Elenbaas on his program today.

KGMI Morning Show Podcast

One comment made by Farmer Ben Elenbaas towards the end of the show was:

When the people of Whatcom County ask the Whatcom County Council to support and pass actions that the people of the community want, the Council says; “Well we can’t do that!” And when you ask them why?, they say, “Because we’ll get sued.”

Who, or what entity is it that keeps the Whatcom County Council tied-up in lawsuits? Is it the people to whom they are to represent? Or, is it these same organizations to which they give hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars to? When Futurewise and Re Sources for a Sustainable Community are using your tax dollars to control your personal property and business properties, it’s time to start asking the Council why?

June 24, 2015 KGMI Morning Show Podcast

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