Charter Review Commission to be Presented with Proposal to Increase Council Compensation

The Charter Review Commission is in full-swing and there have been a number of important issues brought forward. The most obvious change that the Commission is being asked to consider is ‘District Voting,’ to establish equitable representation to insure that elected candidates work for and protect the District that they ‘live in,’ and represent the interests of that District not the interests of the entire County.

There is another issue that is as important to the proper functioning of the current County Council. The County Council is compensated on the basis that they are a part-time Council. Meaning that the time required to fulfill their fudiciary responsibility to the position is that of a part-time job. With the advent of all the farms, water, rural and industrial land issues which include the existing Cherry Point industries and the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal; the County Council can hardly be considered part-time work if it is to accomplish the many tasks they are asked to consider.

This letter of proposal will be presented to the Charter Review Commission and I believe the readers will find it shocking how much disparity there is between the compensation received by our Whatcom County Council compared to others. I do not advocate for over compensation to serve in a public capacity, but full-time work of this caliber should be properly compensated.

~ Kris Halterman

Proposed WC Council Compensation for Review

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