Steve McLaughlin

The Costs of Non-Native Predatory Species In Your Community Endangers Food Safety

Last November, Steve McLaughlin ran unsuccessfully for the office of Public Lands Commissioner for Washington State. Since that time he has kept a close eye on how our public lands are being managed and whether the residents living nearby are being affected either positively or negatively by state land policies. Steve is an avid outdoors man who understands the eco-relationship between man and nature. One of the top issues being closely monitored by Washington State ranchers, the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Fish and Wildlife, are the newly reintroduced, non-native wolf packs from the Montana area. They have watched as they populated across Montana, Idaho and now Washington. Why? Because the issue is one of people and food safety with broad economic impacts here in the State of Washington and across the nation. The Economic Effect of Wolf Predation on Rural Communities On Tuesday August 24, two calves were discovered in the Sherman Peak area on a federal grazing allotment that were killed by wolves.  This brings this season’s total to 9 calves killed or maimed by these predators.  To most, nine calf kills would not raise an eyebrow to anyone but the ranching family.  But the economic impacts …

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