Jack Petree

Saturday Morning Live for Jan. 20, 2018

Host Kris Halterman will interview Jack Petree and Roger Almskaar about issues affecting Whatcom County’s economy and the recent passage of ESSB 6091, the Hirst Fix.

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A Witty-Ditty to Welcome the New Council

Local author and citizen extraordinaire, Jack Petree, has written a poem to share with the community… The Woebegone In Whatcom Council Shuffle Read To The Cadence Of The Whose Line Is It Anyway Hoedown by Jack Petree Hi, my name is Barbara, I represent District five, Although I don’t really live there, it’s not too much of a drive; Satpal represents my district, he’s a real pal, And I’m still on the council, I’m the only gal. ~ You know me, I’m Satpal,  I represent the fourth, I vote for Barb and Carl, they live a way up in the north, I actually live in the third, but to me that’s not absurd. When I want representation I just call on Tyler Byrd. ~ Hello everyone I’m Barry, I served in District One, Gerrymandered into District Two, we still had lots of fun; I just ran to serve At-large, to avoid all confusion, And all the votes from Bellingham, proofed me from exclusion. ~ When Bellingham elected me, they’d have thought it pretty odd, That I’d step down after two short years but, hey, my name is Todd; I paid my dues and chose my side in the battle of …

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