EJ Ledet

Saturday Morning Live for Dec. 9, 2017

Part 1: Kris Halterman will talk to EJ Ledet about how Whatcom County is proposing to “fix” Lake Whatcom. Part 2: Kris Halterman will interview Jacob Deschenes, ERA Capital CEO, about what people should know about the coming 2017 Trump Tax Cuts. What steps should be taken now to be ready for the end of the year which will benefit you economically and a brief discussion on “what is a bitcoin?”  

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Causes of Low Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in Basins 1 and 2 Hypolimnions of Lake Whatcom and Proposed solutions to increase DO and improve other Water Quality Properties

Prelude Before we get into the details of “Causes of Low Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in the Lake Whatcom and Proposed Solutions to Increase DO and Improve Water Quality Properties” please consider the following analogy to the Lake and try to create a mental picture in your mind. Let’s take carbonated drinks as an example. You may like drinking cold soft drinks/soda pops, beer, or carbonated water, especially on a warm summer day. What happens when you open that carbonated drink container? It loses pressure and begins going flat. It loses pressure because pressure was used to force, a gas, in this case carbon dioxide (CO2), into the liquid and that contained pressure was higher than the outside atmospheric pressure; which is why you hear a “swoosh” when that pressure is released. At the same time and in the same place, you may also observe that the gas (CO2) begins to “bubble out” of the liquid. As the temperature of the liquid becomes warmer the solubility of the gas in that liquid decreases; the effect of this is that the gas separates and bubbles out of the liquid as it warms. Like a flat soft drink, flat beer, or flat water, the …

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