Bob Patton

Congratulations Democrats … Obamacare Killed Another Great Insurance Plan!

Local financial expert and charitable organization manager, Dr. Bob Patton shares his frustration with the state of private health insurance (Obamacare). Bob tells it like it is and everyone who is in the same boat understands exactly what he means. This post was password protected until the author gave final approval for it’s publication. ~ LR Congratulations! Senators Murray, Cantwell and Representative Larsen!!!  You have helped to save Obamacare, the most damaging health law ever forced on the American working class. We still have 46 full-time working families without our once great EMPLOYER PAID HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN, because you Democrats made it illegal under Obamacare. You brag about now insuring a few million people; the many healthy, young people who did not want to buy insurance.  However, you forget to recognize the tens-of-million working Americans who once had great insurance through EMPLOYER PAID HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS that you have now made illegal.  In the meantime you have arranged through a special District of Corruption Health Insurance Exchange, to have you and your staff covered under the same EMPLOYER PAID HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS that you made illegal for everyone except Congress.  You guys are just a bunch of parasites living off working …

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