Bow Down

bow-down-shirtSeveral years ago, when the Whatcom County Council proposed purchasing land back from the State, I wrote about the King’s Forest. The concept being this purchase was merely to enhance the council and would be of no benefit to anyone else. Sad to say that seems to be the case, as no increased ability to use the Whatcom Reconveyance had materialized.

In October, I wrote about our Council behaving like the Romans with an insatiable desire for power over life and death.

Fast forward to last night’s Council meeting, where a man came to them and begged for them not to continue their moratorium on permits to develop property within the Nooksack watershed. Council-members Weimer, Browne, Mann, Buchanan, Brenner, Donovan, and Sidhu, all sat as witnesses tp a man begging before them, creating a new picture that will forever be etched in their minds and of those who attended. A “man” went down on his knees in front of them and begged them to allow for a well on his property, so that he and his family would not become homeless.

Do you find this hard-to-believe? After all we are in a rainfall rich county and only half of our county is develop-able, the other half lies within the forbidden-to-be-touched-by-the-people forests. But it did happen, and our County Council turned a blind eye and a deaf ear, to this citizen.

This same Council will tell you they need to spend your tax dollars to house the homeless, while they continue to create the homeless we need to house.

This same Council will tell you they need your tax dollars for lawsuits coming their way because of their wish to cut and dismantle industrial land at Cherry Point; an action of their own incompetence.

man_praying_on_kneesIs this what we want for Whatcom County? Do we want our citizens on their knees before a mighty, heartless Council of SevenAre we ready to go backward into medieval times? Is all of this pain about a lack of water? Or, is all of this pain the result of a Council who fail to represent and respond to the People of Whatcom County?

For anyone who did not, or chose not to attend last night’s council meeting, and you voted to elect these demigods; here is a picture to keep in your minds, because this is what we have come to for the residents of rural Whatcom County.


~ Lorraine Newman

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