Big Brother May I Prune?

If it’s good enough for Des Moines, how long before Bellingham or Whatcom County require property owners to apply for and pay a permit fee to take care of the plants and trees on their property?  Think this is stretching the truth?  How long ago was it that you could dig a hole, place a pole and fill it with concrete without a permit?   
It’s governments natural process to grow.  It’s the peoples job to stop it from happening.
~ Kris Halterman

Did you get your permit to prune?

Has the city council in Des Moines, Wash., been watching Edward Scissorhands? Or maybe they were inspired by the Knights Who Say ‘Ni’?

Some members of the city council there hope to impose permit requirements on landowners who prune or remove trees and large bushes. Freedom Foundation was alerted to the working draft of the proposed pruning ordinance by Council Member Jeanette Burrage, who does not support the measure.

The proposal almost seems to pull back with an exemption from the permit requirement for “routine pruning of trees…” but then limits that exemption to “developed lots in a residential zone,” and then limits the exemption even more. Read in its entirety, even “routine pruning” would require a permit if done at the same time as other construction work, if the plant is “in an environmentally critical area or shoreline environment,” or if is part of “a required landscaping area.” (For those not involved in construction, government planners frequently impose landscape requirements on certain kinds of projects.)

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