Always look for the Silver Lining in Grey Clouds … they are there!

hope3After the results of the 2013 local elections it is always hard to encapsulate your thoughts to express a loss of balance on what I considered a well balanced county government.  I’ve been asked by many media publications what my thoughts on the results are and these are the thoughts I shared with them.

  • Negative Ads – they appear to work more than positive ads
  • Money buys a bigger amplifier than less money
  • Lies are never addressed by the media in campaign advertisements
  • Voters still thought this election was about coal when in fact it should have been focused on water rights, wells and septic systems for our rural industries, commerce and residential property owners.

I specifically asked Ralph Schwartz to respect the people of Whatcom County and give the issue about water the full news coverage that it deserves.  With the potential to render so much property useless or valueless, how does a County pay for all those lovely parks?  Who will be able to afford to keep the land they have if the tax shifting puts more private land ownership in jeopardy?

All that negativity must be set aside if we are to preserve our Whatcom County way-of-life for everyone.  There is a lot of work ahead for those of us who believe that there is always a silver lining in each grey cloud, and that is what Saturday Morning Live (SML) will be focused on.  With the help and encouragement I have received over the past year and a half, SML has been able to bring a voice to many issues that were ignored in the media.  Your involvement and your willingness to share your stories are what makes the Saturday Morning Live program  possible.  The human spirit is a marvelous thing and I want to share as much of that as is humanly possible.

Stay tuned.  Saturday Morning Live – Liberty Road is not going anywhere.  We’ll continue to shine a light upon what is happening in Whatcom County and address how the actions of our local politicians do affect our lives.

Warm Regards,

Kris Halterman

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