“All Hail Caesar”…The Romans are at the Well…a Vision for the “Royals and Serfs,” in Whatcom County

It has been interesting (in a macabre way) to watch the metamorphosis of the Whatcom County Council and the parallels it has with Roman history.

Ancient Rome started as a republic controlled by the wealthy few. Think RE Sources, a very well-funded few who live-in our community, who actively take money from our Council and use it to control your lives and promote people into positions of power to control people and business, here.

The only voice for the middle and lesser-classes has been limited to a veto that could be exercised through a Tribune, our cause against the Council. Whatcom County citizens only have the possibility of a veto if a “Tribune” (County Executive) champions their cause.

The Roman Republic only worked well for those wealthy few, so there was unrest. In Rome, the unrest would manifest into riots or civil wars. Although less violent, our marathon council sessions where the masses bring their grievances to the council have been signals of the growing unrest of the people.

The Roman Senate offered bread and circuses to placate the people; much like our council has provided us with parks and trails, and promised housing for the homeless. But eventually even free stuff was not enough to keep the people quiet and in their place.

To control the unruly populace, Caesars took more and more control under the guise of saving Rome. Much like our own Council has given itself more-and-more power to control the people through their interpretation and use of the Growth Management Act (GMA) which they have used to support their use of moratoriums against business growth at Cherry Point and this latest moratorium denying access to permit for well dependent properties, to name just two. All of this has been couched in warm, fuzzy-words such as, for the greater good, from their places on the dais.

But the Roman Caesars, like our Council, were human, so their need for evermore control became necessary to remain in power, and grew insatiable. They declared themselves gods with the final and ultimate power over life and death. And that is where the Whatcom County Council went last night. We mere humans cannot live without water to drink and the gods, from the Mt. Olympus of the Whatcom County Council Chambers, have declared They will determine who can drink water from the well.

All Hail Caesar!!!!!

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