Images from left to right: Tyler Byrd & Family, Rebecca Boonstra and Friend

Saturday Morning Live for Aug. 26, 2017

Guest Host Jim McKinney has invited Rebecca Boonstra (Rebecca Boonstra did not accept the invitation to appear on today’s program) and Tyler Byrd to this weekend’s show. With the election season heating up and many unresolved local issues it will be interesting to gauge the direction that each of the candidates running in the new, Whatcom County District 3, wish to focus on.

Issues up for discussion:

  • Background?
  • Why are you running?
  • What are the best ways to address environmental concerns?
  • What are District 3 property owner concerns?
  • Solutions for: Development, Housing, Homelessness?
  • What does Economic Development look like for Whatcom County?

Tyler Byrd Campaign Photos from Facebook Page

Rebecca Boonstra Campaign Photos from Facebook Page

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