Contact Public Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark to Save Industrially Zoned Property at Cherry Point

Sharing this urgent message from a supporter of liberty and pro-economic vitality to continue in Whatcom County.

Cherry Pt WABusiness and labor supporters of the Cherry Point Industrial Area are being asked to call outgoing state Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark, who will be making a decision any day now on adding the long-proposed fourth pier site to the Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve. This “cutout” would basically prevent any industrial development and additional family-wage jobs at the site. There are some talking points below, plus a link to a recent article about the issue. Be certain to include that you are Whatcom or Northwest Washington residents. Goldmark’s office number is (360) 902-1001.

Incoming Commissioner Franz will look favorably on blocking a fourth pier. Our voices need to be heard. Thank you.

WA State Considers Expansion of Cherry Pt Aquatic Reserve

The message below is the message we want to send to Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark. When I called I stressed the fact that this industrial cutout must be preserved if Whatcom County is going to have any industrial future. Many of you have been involved in trying to preserve and create living wage jobs for the people of Whatcom and if this industrial cut out is not available for future Whatcom County could become a Fourth Corner Appalachia.  Phone calls to the Commissioner must be made as quickly as possible. The phone number is (360) 902-1001, thank you.

———- Forwarded message ———-

Department of Natural Resources (DNR) proposal to add the Gateway Pacific Terminal Aquatic Lease cut out into the Aquatic Reserve would harm job creation and the tax base, severely limiting economic growth in Whatcom County.  This action would prevent future business opportunity and prosperity in Whatcom County for our citizens. DNR has determined in the past that industrial use at Cherry Point was and would be in balance with the values of the Reserve, meaning the industrial uses of Cherry Point can coexist with the environmental purposes of the Aquatic Reserve.  Nothing has changed since this determination.  I request that you, as Commissioner, continue that balance, allow for job creation and revenue generation for the State of Washington by rejecting DNR staff proposal to add the 46-Acre cut out into the reserve and leave the Aquatic Reserve in its current condition.

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