2014 State Budget to Include funding for Gun Registration Program

In case you missed it…the Washington State Legislature is ramping up for 2014 and as always it’s not necessarily what’s in the news that the people should be paying attention to.  From the Olympia Report I found this little reported upon item of a small, tiny insignificant amount of money within the budget.  Problem?  The money will be used to set the stage for a statewide gun registry program.

Weigh-in with your local, state representative on this issue before it grows legs.

~ Kris Halterman



Washington Gov. Jay Inslee touted his 2014 budget as a drama-free proposition, but it isn’t entirely devoid of controversy as far as gun rights advocates are concerned.

Of particular concern to sportsmen, arms collectors and constitutional strict constructionists is a little-discussed provision that would open the door a crack for the creation of a statewide gun registry.

Specifically, the budget would spend:

  • …“$409,000 of the general fund (on a) state appropriation (to fund) seven temporary staff to eliminate the firearm-transfer backlog of 144,000 documents by June 30, 2015. The department shall convene a work group to develop a report on making the firearms program a fee-recovery program. The work group must examine changes including but not limited to making firearm-transfer reporting mandatory, charging a fee for firearms transfer recording, and recommending cost-recovery methods to keep up with demand.”
Gun Registry Article

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